Life Changing: The National.

I know it’s only been 2 hours since I had to slowly and begrudgingly leave the source of my delight but now being home and in my jams I have had lots of time to reflect on the night. Although I am still struggling to find the correct vocabulary to aptly portray how much of a total sensory experience tonight was, I can’t help but want to write. 

Music, for me at least, has always been such a huge part of my life. I remember around 4 years ago hearing from a friend, about this smallish band; The National. Having borrowed (and still have!) their CD from said friend, I popped it in my car’s well loved stereo one wintery morning, with no expectations. Within seconds of the grizzled, soulful, heartbreakingly beautiful voice of Matt Berninger filling my tiny car, I was in love. And the rest, as they say is history. 

Finally after many years of following, loving, bragging (like I somehow know them personally) and listening to so many songs over and over, committing lyrics to memory; I got my wish. I saw them live. I don’t know if it was my extreme school, work, and emotional exhaustion, but the concert I just watched was one of the most beautiful, funny, and conceptually artistic experiences I have had in a long time. 

If the perfect live vocals weren’t enough, the video and light accompaniment was something almost indescribable. They live record the concert and seamlessly project the recordings onto other pre-recorded video providing a surreal sensory experience. The grainy overlay of the livestreams along with the video makes you almost feel like you have somehow gotten access to some personal home super8 videos. So special. 

MB (and the boys from The National of course!) was on pointe tonight, consuming a staggering two (maybe three?) bottles of wine, throughout the show while singing to my heart. One (maybe two) red and one white, for those keeping track. He was even so kind as to pass his bottle around to the people in the front row. Made some brilliant jokes about Jason Bourne, Paul Giamatti, and how much he is beloved for being awkward. But when he took off into the crowd and hit up the row behind me for a little chair back running while singing and touching every-hand in sight, I had that intense moment of pure bliss. 

But even before I could die from complete joy, the encore came and knocked me on my butt. They took the stage with acoustic guitars and no microphones, the crowd quieted down and every single soul occupying The Orpheum sang along:

Vanderlyle crybaby cry
Though the water’s a-rising
There’s still no surprising you
Vanderlyle crybaby cry
Man, it’s all been forgiven
The swans are a-swimmin’
I’ll explain everything to the geeks

Such a beautiful moment to be apart of. Such a beautiful night. 

xoxo KDB

PS. If all of this wasn’t enough, Local Natives opened and sang Wide Eyes. Am one lucky lady. One very lucky, very tired lady. 

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